How to Cook Pasta Perfectly:
Here's Everything You Need to Know

Have you been cooking pasta all wrong? It's about time to learn how to cook noodles like a pro. In this video, America's Test Kitchen's Christie Morrison lays all spaghetti myths to rest and shows every step into making a perfect pot of pasta. In this tutorial on preparing pasta, you'll learn how much water to use, how much salt to add to the cooking water, how to avoid pasta sticking, and more tips to produce beautifully al dente results every time.

How to make... One Pan Pasta!

A brilliantly simple pasta dish inspired by American food writer and domestic goddess Martha Stewart which sees both pasta and sauce all cooked in the one pan resulting in perfectly al dente spaghetti wrapped in a silky tomato sauce. Add 100g of spinach for extra greenery. Check out the recipe:

BEST Homemade Pizza!

Making homemade pizza can be tough without a pizza oven, but this is my way making a thin and crispy base with no soggy dough! The pizza base turns out lovely and crispy everytime! Pizza purists look away! Get the recipe: